Bilingual Kids

The Bilingual Kids app teaches children English and German names of fruits, vegetables and a few common things. This app was created by us to teach our children who are growing up with multiple languages. We wanted them to have fun while learning and do it without our help. So a simple fun game appears in between the cards, keeping the kids busy for some time. We hope it helps your child have fun and learn.

There are many flash card apps and many bilingual apps. However, none of the apps taught the way we wanted. We set some simple goals.

  1. Jump straight into the learning – no menus, choices or complicated clicks to get started. Teach multiple languages at the same time. Show the picture and repeat the words in different languages. Choose the set to practice so kids can focus on a particular area. Make it fun for children, so they use the app by themselves.
  2. LEARNING: The app will teach bilingual children, the English and German names of vegetables, fruits and food. There are over 100 pictures. The app uses flash cards to teach. It shows a picture and speaks its name in both languages.
  3. THE GAME: Children get distracted easily. To keep them interested, a game button (with a mouse) appears after every 8 cards (you can change this by clicking the MENU button on the main screen). Tap the game button for the game to begin. The mouse is hungry and must eat. Tap the screen to move the mouse and catch falling fruit in the game. The game will stop after a few seconds.
  4. MENU AND SETTINGS:You can change a number of things by clicking the MENU button. Use this to select which cards your child should be learning. You may want to start only with fruits rather than all the cards. Once they have learned about the fruits, tap the MENU button to switch on other card sets.


The cards are grouped into sets. Select the sets to be shown by clicking the Menu (settings) button. We suggest that you start by selecting only a single category until your child is familiar with the words. Gradually add or change the sets.
When you are sitting together with your child, change the speed to Slow – this gives your child time to repeat the words for each card.
To revise, click Pause – and flip through the cards by swiping the Card Flow.


Please send us your feedback and suggestions on what you want to see to help your child learn. Contact us by email.


Update: August 2011: Version 1.3
We released version 1.3 for the Bilingual Kids app. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.
What's new in version 1.3:
  1. Card Flow - An exciting feature to flip through your flash cards to jump to a particular picture. When you pause, you can use Card Flow to quiz your child.
  2. Swipe - Swipe the picture to go to the previous picture or the next picture.
  3. Background music - To keep it engaging for the little ones. You can also turn it off.
  4. Game - Tap the screen to move the mouse and tap the falling pictures. Tapping a picture will read out its name, helping your child to revise.

Update: May 2011: Version 1.2 We included the ARTICLES (der, die, das) for all German words.