Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kempen für iPhone und Windows Phone 8

Go to Kempen App webpage.

Besuchen sie Kempen! Sie sind herzlich Willkommen! Genießen Sie mit Freunden und Familie Ihre eigene private Audio-Führung durch die historische Altstadt dieser wunderhübschen, autofreien Innenstadt. Wir empfehlen das Verwenden von Kopfhörern.

Kontaktieren Sie uns.

Update - December 2014: Starting from IOS 7, Apple started moving closer to the Swiss design style similar to Metro. This meant that the icons changed. There is a shift from replicating real world (with the use of faux wood, faux leather, 3D icons) to a cleaner and flatter experience. So we have redesigned the Kempen app to take advantage of this new design language. The new 2.0 version for the iPhone was released in December 2014.

Update - December 2012: Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 in October 2012. We have released a smaller version of the Kempen app for Windows Phone 8. It has the Altstadtrundgang, but is free.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bilingual Kids - teaching German and English with iPhone / iPad apps

Go to the Bilingual Kids app webpage.

We are excited to release our own iPad & iTouch application to teach our bilingual children both English and German. It keeps their interest with a simple fun game between learning.

Update: August 2011
We released version 1.3 for the Bilingual Kids app. Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.
What's new in version 1.3:
  1. Card Flow - An exciting feature to flip through your flash cards to jump to a particular picture. When you pause, you can use Card Flow to quiz your child.
  2. Swipe - Swipe the picture to go to the previous picture or the next picture.
  3. Background music - To keep it engaging for the little ones. You can also turn it off.
  4. Game - Tap the screen to move the mouse and tap the falling pictures. Tapping a picture will read out its name, helping your child to revise.